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Following implementation of its development strategy, AS NORVIK BANKA has acquired shares of JSCB Vyatka Bank (Russia). After closing the deal Norvik Banka has become a holder of 97.75% of Vyatka Bank’s shares. Both the Financial and Capital Market Commission and an institution responsible for supervision over commercial banks in Russia are informed of the transaction. “This is a planned step in the Bank’s strategy that allows us proceeding with targeted Bank development both in Latvia and an
Norvik Banka has created a special order for the bank clients who have permanently considerable account balance and are active payment card users. Norvik Banka is the only bank in Latvia which offers its clients to earn on the minimum account balance within a month. The annual profit interest rate for Norvik Premium clients is 0.8%. The Norvik Premiumoffer is targeted at the clients with whom the bank has particularly intensive and long-lasting cooperation. The Norvik Premium VIP client pac
Following Norvik Banka’s development in its new capacity, the Bank’s shareholders made a decision on considerable contribution to the Bank’s capital. 69 638 784 EUR have been invested in Norvik Banka’s equity capital by Norvik Banka’s major shareholder, Chairman of the Bank’s Council Grigory Guselnikov. Norvik Banka’s paid-in equity capital upon increase thereof amounts to 123 101 368 EUR. „Contribution to the Bank’s capital is a logical next step to the development of Norvik Banka we laun
Dear client, Please be informed that as from October 10, 2014, will be enlarged list of available for trading financial instruments for clients of JSC “NORVIK BANKA”. In respect of above stated a list of new commission fees can be found here. More detailed information about the commission fees of Bank is available on the bank’s web-site and also in any branch of Norvik Banka. Yours faithfully, Norvik Banka
Today Norvik Banka is launching an instant lottery for all Norvik’s 2nd Tier pension plan members – every fifth lottery participant will win in the lottery one of the Bank’s prepared prizes. Total value of the lottery prizes – 2000 EUR. Each person* who will apply to one of the Norvik’s managed 2nd Tier pension investment plans (Daugava, Venta or Gauja) by November 30, will contend for a prize: a Norvik Banka’s electronic gift card priced at 30 EUR; a Zelta Zivtiņa top-up card; a digi
Norvik Banka offers you a possibility to use the most popular banking services without limits or restrictions at the lowest possible price – 1.5 EUR per month only! Norvik Banka’s service package Norvik Unlimited is available to any resident of Latvia who is willing to pay utility bills or transfer money without worrying about the cost of payment or payments amount. All the most popular banking services will be included in the Package without limits or restrictions. The Package covers: pa
From now on Deniss Novikovs – who has previously been the Bank’s Vice-President for Resources – will work at the Board of Norvik Banka. His area of responsibility at the Board of the Bank will be the Bank’s activity on capital markets. Deniss Novikovs has vast experience in investment banking and capital market matters, as well as in managing financial institutions. Before Norvik Banka, Deniss Novikovs acted as Chairman of the Council at Finasta Asset Management, managed Finasta Bank’s represen
Dear Clients, Effective September 12th, 2014 a new correspondent account in Turkish lira (TRY) has been added to the List of correspondent accounts of JSC NORVIK BANKA. The new correspondent account is opened with Raiffeisen Bank International AG (Vienna, Austria). From October 1st, 2014 JSC NORVIK BANKA will start to process its clients’ payments in TRY. To view our Fees and Terms for the payments in TRY, please visit "RATES & FEES" section on the Bank’s website. Alternatively, you may
Norvik Banka starts offering highly favourable deposit terms – Autumn Deposit. The Autumn Deposit is intended for the parents and teachers of first grade pupils, as well as holders of these special offer coupons. The Autumn Deposit provides for the increase of the basic deposit rate by 0.35% for deposits placed for 12 or more months and by 0.15% - for deposits placed for six or nine months. „September is a special period for many of us – for pupils, their parents and teachers. The Autumn Depos
A brand new product has been developed in close cooperation between the Bank and a mobile phone operator. From today a new product Norvik $IM will be available in Latvia. This product allows using mobile phones for making calls across Latvia and abroad at a very favourable price. The new product has been developed in close cooperation between Norvik Banka and a mobile phone operator Tele2. The most significant product benefits are – really low mobile communications rate for calls abroad, free m