Currency exchange

NORVIK BANKA offers its clients various posibilities for currency transactions. At present, clients can exchange more than 30 currencies.

You are welcome to agree on an individually tailored rate for currency exchange when the amount is more than 3 000 EUR or the equivalent in another currency. You should call the Dealing department or carry out a transaction independently by connecting to our trading platform NORVIK Trade.

For amounts less than 3 000 EUR we offer exchange rates which are published on our homepage. These exchange rates can vary during the day.

How to start

Before starting to carry out currency conversions at an individual rate it is necessary to consult the General Provisions for Transactions and to provide the Bank with an identification password for deals made by phone. You can also manage currency exchange transactions independently by connecting to NORVIK Trade.

You are welcome to either send your password (not more than 10 symbols; letters and/or digits) via e-NORVIK using the Text Message option in the Payments/Documents section or to provide the Bank with the password in written form.

Contact us

For consultations please call (+371) 67041185,