Subordinated deposit

"Subordinated deposit" - it’s a deposit program for those who wish to invest their funds for a long period in subordinated capital of the bank.

  • Minimum amount for deposit - 150 000 USD, 100 000 EUR
  • Amount of subordinated deposit for a residence permit – 400 000 USD, 300 000 EUR
  • Period – 5, 6, 7 or 10 years
> See interest rates on "Subordinated deposit"

Interest calculation

  • Simple interest
  • Interest calculation is made every day
  • Interest is paid once a month, once a year or at the end of the period together with the principal amount of investment (that is agreed with the Bank in separate agreement)

Other conditions

  • „Subordinated deposit” can not be supplemented
  • Client on his own initiative* can not terminate the deposit before its maturity date
  • In accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Latvia subordinated deposits are not covered by the state guarantee scheme

Order of applying

To apply for the "Subordinated deposit”, you must contact your account manager, who will give you more information on this deposit provisions and procedure of registration. Terms on placing the deposit will be agreed with the Bank in separate agreement.


For more information please call (+371) 67041100



* Client may request a return of the deposit before the maturity date only in case of liquidation of the Bank; the Client’s request will be granted only after all other creditors’ demand satisfaction, but before the shareholders´ demands.