Internet banking system e-NORVIK

e-NORVIK is a remote bank account management system which allows operations with your account all-day-round from any computer connected to the Internet.

Our clients get a special security device for identification. Clients may log in to the system through our homepage or by going directly to, where they should pass the identification process. Further operations in the system take place in a live online environment.

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e-NORVIK features

  • registration of internal and external transfers in EUR and foreign currency
  • execution of requests for conversion
  • placement of deposits
  • receipt of bank statements for loans, deposits, settlements, credit and debit cards
  • receipt of copies of S.W.I.F.T.-messages
  • application for direct debit and regular payment services
  • exchange of information messages with the bank
  • integration with the client´s accountant software using the file formats FIDAVISTA, CSV, NORVIK VISION
Additional feature - Delineation of user´s rights

e-NORVIK safety policy

The Internet banking system e-NORVIK uses the latest principles of information protection, creating multilevel protection. All information about your account and operations on it is stored on the bank´s server. No information is left on your computer.

To access your account you need to have one of the client authorization devices – a DigiPass device or the e-NORVIK system identification table.

DigiPass 550 is an individual electronic device used for user authorization in the system. The DigiPass device automatically generates a one-time digital code using time parameters. The DigiPass device is also used for confirmation of electronic documents. DigiPass 550 is protected by a PIN code.

DigiPass GO3 is an electronic device which is simpler than DigiPass 550. It is recommended if the total amount of a client’s transfers does not exceed EUR 40 000 (for individuals) or EUR 70 000 (for legal entities) per day. The device generates a unique digital code which is used for user authorization in the system and confirmation of electronic documents. DigiPass GO3 is protected by a user password.

The identification table of the e-NORVIK/T-Banka system is a unique plastic card with a table of passwords. The identification table is protected by a user password. This device will allow you to use either:

  • the information mode of the e-NORVIK system, which is used for all-day-round viewing of the balance of your account, payments on the account and receipt of account statements; 
  • the active mode of the e-NORVIK system, which allows the full possibilities of the remote access management system. For security reasons there is a limit on daily and monthly transfers.

What makes e-NORVIK so convenient?

  • you will enjoy a user-friendly interface
  • you can send requests for executions of payments and have control over the entire life cycle of your request
  • you may find all your requests (documents) in the document archive using filters and context search
  • you can create a new document by copying or editing an existing document 
  • the system allows the cancellation of your request
  • you can get in touch with the bank in a simple way by sending a message
  • a special appendix will help you to find S.W.I.F.T. and detailed legal requisites of any bank

Limits for transfers in e-NORVIK

The amount of daily and monthly fund transfers from clients’ accounts is limited to ensure the security of the e-NORVIK and T-Banka systems. In special cases our clients may set individual daily limits not exceeding the monthly limit set by bank. Clients using the DigiPass 550 may operate monthly transfers without any limits.

We have the following limits set for our clients:

Using ID table Using DigiPass Go3 device

1 500 EUR per day
    9 000 EUR per month

40 000 EUR per day
  140 000 EUR per month

How to get connected

To get access to e-NORVIK you need to sign the document:

Application for Remote access to account service

To get connected to the remote account management system you need to authorize yourself with one of the following: the DigiPass device or the identification table with passwords.

For operations in e-NORVIK you will need a computer with an Internet connection. It is advised to use the browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher), Opera Browser (version 9.0 or higher), Firefox (version 3.0 or higher), Safari or Chrome.