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Private Accident Insurance
Private Accident Insurance policy is a simple and convenient way to protect yourself and your family from unplanned financial losses, which could occur due to sudden external factors as a result of injuries and accidents.
You will receive:
  • Insurance for 3 risk groups: injuries, disablement, death
  • A policy that is valid for 1 year and becomes effective on the next day following the payment of an insurance premium
  • A possibility to choose one of three insurance variants offered with different insurance amounts
Benefits of the Accident Insurance:
  • Anyone can apply for the policy – there are no age restrictions
  • The policy is valid worldwide, round-the-clock
  • You don’t have to be a Norvik Banka’s client to apply for the policy
  • The policy may be applied for in a fast and convenient way
You may also take care of your loved ones by effectuating the accident insurance policy as a gift!
To apply for the accident insurance policy, you will need:
  • A passport or an ID card (or a document in which the name, surname, identity number of the policyholder are indicated precisely)
You may apply for the accident insurance policy at any customer service centre of the bank.
Private Accident Insurance is offered in cooperation with BTA Baltic Insurance Company.