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Basic Account

Norvik Bankas provides a natural person – resident of the Republic of Latvia (resident of the European Union member state entitled to stay in Latvia according to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, as well as a person who has no residence permit but whose expulsion from Latvia according to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia is not possible) with a possibility to open and use a payment account with basic functions – a basic account.

Under the basic account, you receive:

  • a payment account in the EUR currency with a payment card Debit Mastercard;
  • crediting the account with funds and withdrawal of funds from the account (at a service centre or from an ATM);
  • connection to the online bank e-Norvik;
  • SMS-bank (notifications on changes in the account).

If you would like to apply for the basic account and additional services available thereunder, you can do it at any Norvik Banka’s customer service centre, having presented a statement proving that you have no account ensuring the said services opened with another credit institution in Latvia.

The Bank takes a decision to open the basic account within 10 working days.

The basic account service can be denied and terminated in cases laid down in the Law on Payment Services and Electronic Money.

A fee set in standard tariffs for natural persons – residents of the Republic of Latvia is charged for execution and maintenance of the basic account and of other additional services.