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Operations with payment card

Who can use a payment card? The international payment cards of JSC Norvik Banka are available to natural persons and legal entities. Both residents and non-residents of the Republic of Latvia can become holders of a card.

What types of payment cards do you offer? The payment cards we offer can be divided into two categories: Debit cards and Credit cards.

  • Debit cards (Maestro, Cirrus, Visa Electron) only allow use of your own money. This means you can use only those funds which you deposited in your account in advance
  • Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard) allow use of bank credit. This means you may use your own money as well as the credit given by the Bank

What are the specific features of the Cirrus card? The Cirrus card, unlike other cards, is created only for one type of operation – cash withdrawal from an ATM. It is impossible to pay with this card in a store.

Where are payment cards accepted? Payment cards are accepted at every trade-service company, cash dispenser (ATM) or bank where the proper logotypes of VISA, MasterCard, Cirrus/Maestro are displayed.

How much money can I withdraw from an ATM? The Bank sets the limits for cash withdrawal for payment cards ("Cash withdrawal limits"). At the client’s request, the cash withdrawal daily limit can be increased for a specific day. It should be taken into consideration that in some countries different limits can be set for money withdrawal from ATMs.

Can I give my card to my friend or relative in order to withdraw a necessary amount of money from an ATM? By giving your card to a third person you violate the conditions of the agreement, and accordingly you assume responsibility for all unauthorized operations. If it is necessary to give a third person the opportunity to use your card account, you can order an additional card.

Can I order several cards which are not attached to my main card account in my name or in a company’s name? If it is necessary for you or your company to issue more than 5 payment cards attached to different card accounts, you should fill in a specific inquiry form, in which you should define the purpose for using the cards and identify the final user for each card account.

How many additional cards is it possible to link to the main card? You can order additional cards for yourself and for trusted persons to use money from your card account. Any cards of the VISA or MasterCard international payment systems can be used as an additional card. The number of additional cards for one card account is not defined, but this number should be reasonable.

Is it possible to order additional cards for family members? Having a card from NORVIK BANKA, you can open additional cards for your trusted persons/relatives. The holders of the additional cards get access to your card account. You can use the money placed in the account together. To get an additional payment card, the owner of the card account should fill in an application form. In this application, the additional holder’s information should be indicated and the application should be signed by both the owner of the card account and the additional cardholder.

What is a Card Account? A Card Account is your bank account with a payment card attached. In NORVIK BANKA it is not possible to withdraw money from the card account without the card, but it is possible to make a money transfer from the card account to the current account.

In which currency can I open a card? The currency of the card account depends on your wish and should be indicated in the application for a card. Even if your card account’s currency is EUR, you can use this card abroad. While making payments in local currency or withdrawing cash from an ATM (while abroad), an automatic money conversion will be executed.

Can I open a card in several currencies? How much will it cost? Yes, you can, and this service is free of charge.

How soon can I receive a card? A card is issued to the client within 7 days of the moment of handing in the application. A card can be issued urgently (within 8 working hours) for an additional fee.

Which documents should I provide to receive a payment card? The necessary documents and forms depend on the type of payment card. You may find the application forms here.

How can I pay for a card? The payment for card issue should be transferred to the Bank’s account. Also, money can be transferred by using the system the e-NORVIK or NORVIK Vision systems. If a card is extended or exchanged, we charge the card account automatically.

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I have received the card, but it doesn’t work. What should I do? The card can be blocked during the time of its delivery to the client. This is meant to avoid unauthorized card operations. To activate the card you should contact the Department of Client Payment Cards Maintenance by dialling (+371) 67041130 – open on workdays from 09:00 to 18:00.

What should be done if the card gets "stuck" in an ATM? In which cases can it happen? The card can get "stuck" in an ATM if the cardholder has entered a wrong PIN-code for three times or forgotten to remove the card from an ATM within a set period of time after the ATM returned the card (30-60 sec.). If this situation has occurred, the card should be blocked for safety purposes by using the M-Banka service or calling (+371) 67041130 (NORVIK BANKA) or (+371) 67092555 (LTD "First Data" processing centre). After this you should contact the Bank to get a new card.

During a purchase with the payment card, I was asked to provide my ID (Identification Document) but I didn’t have one with me, and was not allowed to proceed with operation. Why not? According to the terms of payment cards acceptance in trade locations, a cashier (shop assistant) has the right to verify a client’s identity by asking for ID.

How to top up a Card Account To top up a card account it is necessary to know the number of your card account. You can top up your card at the head office of NORVIK BANKA or any other customer service centre. The availability of money after pay-in depends on the place the money was debited, but the latest possibility is the next day.

Can I transfer money from the Card Account back to the Current Account? Yes, you can.

Can I withdraw US dollars if my card is in EUR? Of course. In the event that the account currency differs from the cash withdrawal currency, the account is charged through the conversion of the cash withdrawal currency into the account currency using the currency rate on the transaction date.

How and where can I find out how much money is on my Card Account? You can receive this information in various ways:

  • by getting a monthly Bank statement on your account
  • by using the M-Banka system
  • by calling the 24/7 NORVIK InfoLINE service

Can I get Bank statements on all operations with the card? You can receive a monthly report about all operations with your payment card by post or directly at NORVIK BANKA. The cost of the report is defined according to the rates.

What should be done if the card is damaged/lost/stolen or the card’s PIN-code is forgotten? In the event that the payment card is lost or the card’s PIN-code has become known to an unwanted party,  you should inform the Bank (+371) 67041100 or LTD “First Data” (+(371) 67092555 about the situation, or block the card on your own by using the M-Banka system. It is necessary to confirm the blocking of your card in a written application (as you are responsible for all card operations until the date of issuing of the written application) and prepare the application for reissuing of the card within 5 days. If you have forgotten your PIN-code, a new card with a new PIN-code will be issued according to your written application. The old card should be given to the Department of Client Payment Cards Maintenance of NORVIK BANKA.

What should be done to extend the validity period of the card? The Bank extends the card on the basis of the client’s written application. In this case there should be enough money on the client’s account to write off the payment for card’s annual service. Also, to extend card’s validity term, it is necessary to extend the deposit agreement (if applicable).

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