Changes in bank’s commission fees

22/11/2016 17:25

Please be informed that as from 7 December 2016 for legal entities, non-residents of the Republic of Latvia, the fee for the documents review and making appropriate changes in the information declared in the Bank in respect of a legal entity, non-resident of the Republic of Latvia, will be 350 EUR.

You may learn more information on the changes by calling Norvik Banka’s support service by phone (+371) 67041100 or by contacting your manager.

Please note that in accordance with Clause 8.6. of Part I of the General Provisions for Transactions of Norvik Banka if you do not agree with the tariff changes above, you have the right to waive the Bank’s services prior to the effective date of the changes by submitting an application at any customer service center of Norvik Banka or by sending a notification via the online bank e-Norvik. Should the said application or notification not be received by the term above, we will consider that you agree with the changes in tariffs.

Yours faithfully,
Norvik Banka

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