Payment card as a good luck charm!

11/08/2017 18:00

It is our pleasure to offer our clients the limited emission of very special plastic cards in a new design on Norvik Banka’s anniversary year. In the middle of each card we placed one of the symbols – the Tree of Life, the Morning Star, Laima, the Sun and the Moon – thus bringing an element of a Latvian national culture in the design of cards. We trust that every card will serve as a good luck charm, the symbol of success and welfare of its holder.

Hence, the payment card Norvik Standard is for active and vibrant people, since in the design of the card we have integrated the symbol Auseklis – the Morning Star, which shows us the right path every day. The sign of the Sun is used in the card Norvik Gold, thus symbolising the perpetual motion, light and harmony. The card emits light and provides its holder strength and energy. The Tree of Life in the card Norvik Debit symbolises the connection of generations and vital energy – it especially suits rational customers. The card Norvik Platinum is for the most demanding and ambitious clients, as the sign of the Moon embodies reliability and protection! And the last, but not least – the card Norvik Business – for those, who keep everything under control and manage their time and financials themselves. In the centre of an ornament of that card is a sign of Laima – the symbol of prosperity and success. From the ancient times, it personified the will to independently set ones path and determine the destiny.

We are positive, that our cards will become real good luck charms for their holders and will assist not only in everyday operations, but will also provide a special strength needed to achieve the goals set!

You may obtain your good luck charm by ordering a card in the internet bank e-Norvik or by contacting your personal manager.

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