Norvik Picnic: music by the side of the Daugava

15/08/2016 11:49

Riga summer is just perfect for festivals, and at the beginning of August, Riga enhanced its reputation of one of the most musical cities in the Baltics, again. On August 6-7, supported by Norvik Banka, yet again a festival of music and culture Piena Svētki 2016 was held in the Lucavsala park, which was attended by dozens of guests.

The Saturday evening on the riverside became very special for Norvik Banka customers. Some picturesque place in the Lucavsala park has turned into a homely ground for an out-of-town picnic where great friends met in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Just as always at picnics, the atmosphere was informal, and the dress code – comfortable and non-binding. The guests socialized, introduced themselves, walked, talked, laughed, had a bash at creative work and feasted while listening to good music. Among festival guests was Nil Ushakov, the Mayor of Riga, who paid much attention to the cultural life of the city.

The evening culminated in the performance of a singer Arina Orlova and Ilya Lagutenko (Mumiy Troll). Riga’s weather attempted to make its adjustments to the course of the festival; however, everyone was ready to it.

The guests opened branded blue umbrellas with Norvik Banka’s logos, changed to rubber boots prepared by the organizers beforehand, gathered closer to rain sheds, having encircled the artists, and the festival went on. Moreover, as many have said, the “rainy” accessories drew the guests together and gave the event a special style and specific charisma.

Even when the concert was already over, the guests still didn’t want to leave and enjoyed a fresh evening and a pleasant conversation, wrapped up in blankets.

“Most of all we wanted to do for our clients and partners something really interesting and unusual. Moreover, it had to be maximally informal, “home-like”, with opportunity to communicate with each other and relax, feeling oneself as being at an out-of-town picnic. And that was the base of our project Norvic Picnic”, - says Oliver Bramwell, Chairman of the Board of Norvik Banka, - “And do you know what is the most important thing to me? The picnic ended on the late Saturday night, and I was asked on Monday if we are going to arrange something similar again”.

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