New deposit offer – “Spring”

01/04/2016 16:48

As from this April 1 till May 31 Norvik Banka launches a special deposit offer “Spring”. Under the special offer the bank’s customers (natural persons, residents of the Republic of Latvia) will have a possibility to receive in addition to their standard deposit rate an additional interest rate in the amount of 0.5%.

Thus, your deposit rate can reach 1.55% per annum.

You will receive an additional interest rate in the amount of 0.5% if all these conditions are met:

  • you have applied for the Norvik UNLIMITED Set;
  • you have named a special deposit offer code which can be found in the bank’s Facebook profile;
  • one or several Maximum Deposits are executed for the term up to 12 months (inclusive) for the total amount which does not exceed 20 000 EUR or USD.

Yours faithfully,
Norvik Banka

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