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Norvik Banka takes care of client security

User authorization in online bank is carried out via two-factorial authentication. It means that the user needs to enter additional changeable parameter besides user number and password. It is suggested to use as the second level of authentication the following tools:

User blocking means protection of the user against password attack. In case there are 5 unsuccessful attempts of log in online bank, the user will be blocked. You may unblock user calling by phone (+371) 6704 1100 or visiting any of Norvik Banka‘s branch.

If you had suspicions that your identification tool (security token, code card, mobile phone) or password were compromised, you can block the user calling by phone (+371) 6704 1100 or visiting the nearest branch of the bank. To receive the new identification tool (security of token, code card, mobile phone), please visit the nearest branch of the bank.

You may visit Norvik Banka’s website and check the latest news regarding Information security. The informed user is one of the key factors for successful protection against intruders.

Time restriction for not active online bank session

This restriction saves the user in that case when after the work completion in online bank no “Exit” button was pressed. The user may regulate by himself the time of not active session in online bank settings. The maximum interval of not active session is 15 minutes.

Restriction of user rights

In online bank is possible to use one or several accounts together with other users. In such mode, it is possible to allow/forbid access to account management, statements of account, applications, settings and other online bank functions.