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Frequently asked questions

1. What is a Client code (СIF) – this is the code of a Norvik Banka client. It starts with a letter which is followed by 5 digits. This code is assigned to each client. You can find your Client code in your Account Opening Agreement.

2. What is an identification table e-Norvik – this is a plastic card with a table of unique digital codes. It helps to authorise a user and to sign any document in the e-Norvik Internet banking system.

3. What is a password of an identification table – this is any password created by a client and consisting of 6 to 20 symbols. A password is a supplementary safety measure using the identification table.

4. What is DigiPass - this is an individual electronic device used for authorisation of a user in the systems and electronic signing of a document. A DigiPass device generates the unique code using the specific encryption algorithm.

5. What is a DigiPass password – this is any password created by a client and consisting of 6 to 20 symbols which is used as a supplementary safety measure using DigiPass GO3.

6. Where I can find the number of an identification table and DigiPass – a Serial number of an identification table is in the bottom left hand corner of the table. A serial number of DigiPass is on the reverse side of the device.

7. I forgot the password of an identification table or DigiPass – if you forgot the password, please contact the bank by phone (+371) 67041100 and after undergoing the client identification procedure you will be able to install a new password.

8. What shall I do if my identification table or DigiPass are blocked? – If your identification device is blocked, please contact the bank by phone: (+371) 67041100.

9. What is an SMS-PIN? SMS-PIN is a convenient and easy-to-use authorization tool, which can be used with just a mobile phone. The Bank sends a message to the client with a PIN code required to authorize and sign the documents in e-Norvik system.

10. Where can I use SMS-PIN? This authorization tool can be used at any location, where mobile network is available.

11. How much does SMS-PIN cost? SMS-PIN is available free of charge. You can apply for, receive and use SMS-PIN free of charge.

12. What is the commission for connection to and use of e-Norvik? – for the residents of Latvia the connection and servicing in the Internet banking system e-Norvik is free of charge.

13. What is the commission for payments in Internet banking system e-Norvik? – ordinary payments within the Norvik Banka system are free of charge. Payments in EUR or other currency are significantly cheaper than if you make them in the branch personally.

14. How can I change the limits for transactions in Internet banking system e-Norvik? – You can change limits for transactions in Internet banking system by personally contacting any branch of Norvik Banka.

15. How safe is it to use e-Norvik Internet banking system?

e-Norvik deploys all modern tools for protecting of information:

  • A unique table of identification codes along with a user password or a DigiPass device is used to authorise an Internet banking system user.
  • The communication channel with the bank is protected by encryption with modern algorithms of the protocol SSL – AES 256 bit.
  • Use of SSL protocol ensures that a user is working in the e-Norvik system owned by Norvik Banka in particular. In order to do it, it is necessary to open a page certificate (click on the “padlock” icon located at the bottom, in the browser) and make sure that the address indicated in the certificate is an e-Norvik system:; that the certificate is issued to AS "NORVIK BANKA" by the company “Thawte, Inc”.
  • The existing system of limits and delimitation of powers allows limiting amount of transfers of a user and to limit Access of a user to specific transactions and accounts.
  • After 5 unsuccessful attempts to identify in the system, the Access for a user is automatically blocked.
  • A time of inactive session is limited. This means if during a specific period of time a user did not perform any actions in e-Norvik the system will automatically terminate the session.
  • We also use hardware and software means of network protection (Firewalls) to prevent unauthorised access.