Live in your pulse rhythm! Apply for the 2nd pension tier and take part in the instant lottery!

02/07/2015 11:09

NORVIK BANKA in cooperation with Norvik Ieguldījumu Pārvaldes Sabiedrība have a special offer for you: apply to any of the 2nd Tier pension schemes managed by Norvik Ieguldījumu Pārvaldes SabiedrībaDAUGAVA, VENTA or GAUJA – with NORVIK BANKA and you will take part in the instant lottery where you could win some of 1000 prizes!

Prize fund:

  • 500x gift cards worth 5 EUR
  • 100x gift cards worth 10 EUR
  • 400x sphygmomanometers (digital devices used to measure blood pressure)

Norvik Ieguldījumu pārvaldes sabiedrība’s (IPS) pension plans are among the most profitable ones in Latvia. This means that your pension grows constantly as money, if invested deliberately and skilfully, earns interest income. In total, more than 80 thousand persons have entrusted management of their pension to Norvik IPS.

Leave the management of your pension capital in the trust of a knowledgeable and experienced partner!

The special offer takes place from 1.07. to 30.09.2015.

Lottery permit No. 3817

For more information on the special offer click here.

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