Weeks of Thematic Articles of the Latvian Wikipedia Marathon

14/04/2015 10:40

As part of the Latvian Wikipedia Marathon initiated by Norvik Banka, weeks of thematic articles will be launched on April 13 and will continue until June. During the thematic weeks, Wikipedia Marathon partners – the University of Latvia, Latvijas Radio 5, the State Language Centre, Delfi.lv and Draugiem.lv – encourage writing Wikipedia articles on specific topics. Each of the partners will award the author of the best article in its subtheme, a special prize will be provided by the editors of the Latvian Wikipedia.

Partners’ themes and their subsequence:

13.04 – 26.04 27.04 – 10.05 11.05 - 24.05 25.05 - 31.05 01.06 – 07.06 08.06 – 14.06
University of Latvia Latvijas Radio 5 Delfi.lv State Language Centre Draugiem.lv Wikipedia editors
Science in Latvia
New music of Latvia
Media in Latvia
Creators of Latvian books: authors, translators, artists, publishers
My native place
Especially protected nature areas of Latvia

The Latvian Wikipedia Marathon is initiated by Norvik Banka and its purpose is to activate and to broaden the use of the Latvian language in the process of learning, obtaining reference information, research by significantly increasing the number of articles in the Latvian Wikipedia.

Since the beginning of the campaign on March 11, 2015, the number of articles has grown considerably – from approximately 400 articles in a month (before the campaign) to approximately 1,000 articles in a month. Currently, the Latvian Wikipedia already contains 60 thousand articles, which already exceeds the number of articles in the Latvian Soviet Encyclopedia. But we are still behind the Lithuanian (171 thousand articles) and the Estonian Wikipedia (132 thousand articles).

During the six weeks of the Marathon, a communication campaign in media will take place to encourage the Latvian society to get involved in broadening the Wikipedia. During the campaign, we will explain the significance of the Latvian version of Wikipedia, educate on forming Wikipedia articles as well as encourage society to be active writers, offering valuable prizes. The joint jury formed by the Marathon partners will evaluate articles by several criteria and in the end of campaign, four authors will receive valuable prizes: (one main prize Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and three more: Samsung Tab S 8.4 LTE).

During the intermediate period of the Marathon – from April until the end of May – each of the Marathon partners encourages writing Wikipedia articles on any specific theme and authors of the best articles will be awarded by partners’ special prizes.

Articles will be evaluated in the following categories:

  • quality article with the highest intellectual contribution (one or several particularly elaborated articles);
  • the most valuable contribution (combination of quantity and quality);
  • the most readable article (author whose articles are read many times or one article read particularly many times);
  • Internet affinity prize.

To make Wikipedia grow, we also need your contribution. We encourage you to get involved in the Latvian Wikipedia Marathon and to prepare an article on any topic that is interesting for you.

Support rich and comprehensive Wikipedia in Latvian for the centennial of Latvia!


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