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NORVIK BANKA is an active participant in the foreign exchange market. The Bank performs conversion operations in all basic Freely Convertible Currencies as well as in CIS counties currencies.

NORVIK BANKA intently watches the tendencies in the FX sphere and introduces new ideas and technologies. Operations are carried out both in terms of delivery, and in terms of the clearing of obligations – netting within the framework of the signed General Agreement on General Terms of Cooperation in Conduct of Operations in the Interbank Currency and Money Markets. For further information regarding signing of the above mentioned agreement, please do not hesitate to contact our Financial Institution department. Apart from standard lots, the Bank quotes any amount of currency that is necessary for the counterparty upon request with the best spread within current market.

For the most active counterparties the Bank offers the trading platforms HotspotFX and FXAll on prime brokerage conditions.

One of the trends of NORVIK BANKA´s activity is the quoting of a wide range of currencies against the Russian rouble. The most popular operations are USD/RUB, EUR/RUB with the value date "today" and "tomorrow". Such currencies as the Belarusian Rouble (BYR) and Kazakh Tenge (KZT) widen the Bank’s broad range of currencies traded.

Contact information

Financial Institution department: (+371) 67041178,

Dealing department: (+371) 67041185,