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Practice Opportunities

We know the importance of securing of theoretical knowledge in practice. Practical skills provide you with an opportunity to be able to meet competition on the labour market.
Our bank offers vast practice opportunities to the students of various education establishments and programmes. Avail of the opportunity of developing your skills under the supervision of professional colleagues! It might be your perfect chance!
Check out the current practice offers here.
Send your CV and an application letter with an indication „Practice” to:

Find below feedback from some of our placement students:

Ints Grāveris, Riga Technical College, third-year student
User IT Support Division
„When applying to practice with Norvik Banka, I did not fully understand the scope of activities of the User IT Support Division. An acquaintance of mine who had previously completed his practice with the Bank recommended me to send an application. The practice went on for a month during which I managed to learn and understand the divisions’ work specifics. A possibility to provide assistance to colleagues and see the results of your work energises you and creates a positive attitude. I am now interested in the position and consider a possibility of working in technical support.”
Marina Šestakova, BA School of Business and Finance, second-year student
Records Division
„During the practice I learned the specifics of bank’s operation. I was given an opportunity to familiarise myself with various documents which broadened my horizons. I enjoyed pleasant atmosphere at the work place as the colleagues were friendly and cooperative. I can tell that every day I was excited to go to the place of practice. It was really advantageous that I worked in the same room as the head of the division because then I could see how she worked. It is not an easy job, however any situation can be resolved and the bank’s employees proved it to me by their example.
Considering that the practice period was divided into 2 parts, I was offered an opportunity to learn the specifics of a tax specialist as I was interested in it for a long time. I was really glad to avail of this opportunity and proved my interest during the practice.
It came as a surprise when I got a job offer from the Records Division. I gladly took the chance to start my career at the bank. I realise that much has yet to be learned about, and I am ready to prove myself.”
Anton Rudenko, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Trade Financing Division
„It is quite a good experience in America to undertake practice in some foreign company. I am glad that I had a possibility to live in Latvia and that Norvik Banka responded to my application for practice in the field which was related to my study programme.
Despite the fact that my language proficiency was limited to Russian and English while the major part of documents at the bank was in Latvian, the colleagues tried really hard to provide me with various tasks. Really responsive people work here. During the practice I mastered the Bank’s programmes and got a general insight in the Bank’s operation.”