Payments cards

Norvik Banka’s card is a simple and convenient payment tool which allows you to access your money anywhere in the world 24/7.
Norvik Banka has been granted the status of a 'principal member' by the international payment system MasterCard, which ensures high functionality, promptness and security. 
All cards are issued in main world currencies – EUR, USD, RUB or GBP.
Why customers choose Norvik Banka’s cards?
  • Payments with no additional commission fees – you can purchase goods and services in Latvia and abroad without paying extra money
  • User-friendly online bank e-Norvik
  • Independent card limit management


Be it business trips or vacations, in our dynamic time an airport becomes an integral part of our life.
Sometimes we spend hours waiting for a flight or a transfer, so it is very important for the time to be spent competently, efficiently and profitably.
The Priority Pass card provides access to the first class lounge areas and VIP halls in airports, irrespective of the class of your ticket.
When flying with the family, friends or for work, the card offers you an opportunity to take a quality rest before the flight or focus on business tasks in comfortable environment.
The Priority Pass grants you access to 900 VIP lounge halls in more than 400 airports around the globe, and their number keeps growing every month.
All Mastercard Platinum card owners receive the Priority Pass card for free.

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