Credit cards

Credit cards with collateral

Mastercard® Standard/Mastercard® Gold/Mastercard® Platinum
* The security deposit amount is from 5000 EUR for cards of the Gold category and from 10 000 EUR – for Platinum cards
** Comparative deposit table
*** for the owners of Mastercard® Platinum cards

Credit cards with a grace period

Mastercard® Gold/Mastercard® Platinum
  • 0.5% accrual to the account balance*
  • Grace period – up to 55 days
  • Payments for goods and services in Latvia and abroad without an additional commission fee **
  • Payment of a commission fee for service – on a monthly/yearly basis (at choice)
  • Free inclusion in the Priority Pass programme ***
  • Foreign travelers’ insurance program ***
* Accrual of interest to the minimum balance on the card account throughout a month in the EUR currency
** for the owners of Mastercard® Gold and Mastercard® Platinum cards
*** for the owners of Mastercard® Platinum cards

Norvik Banka is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund ngf, which means that your deposits placed with Norvik Banka are secured by the state. For more information on the deposit guarantee click here.