Corporate cards

Mastercard® Business

  • Payments for goods and services in Latvia and abroad without an additional commission fee
  • Getting accounts statements via email – for free
  • Independent card limit management
  • Lending limit – up to 80% of the security deposit amount *
Norvik card Business – a card for those who is used to keep everything under control and to manage finances and time by himself. It is convenient to manage the company’s expenses with the Business card and it is not necessary to maintain bookkeeping in written form.
In the middle of the ornament there is the sign “Laima” – a symbol of prosperity and success. For a long time this image has represented a desire not to run with the wind, but to establish own independent way and determine own destiny.

  1. Saving time and money: using of corporate cards allows the reduction of operational costs and of time related to the receipt and issuance of imprests; monthly report provides a fast and convenient way to verify the checks paid; there is no need to keep the paper documentation and the books;
  2. Safety: a possibility to unblock a corporate card by phone at any time of day or night if the card was lost or stolen;
  3. Control: a possibility to independently set limits to the card’s debit transactions during the entire card usage period;
* Deposit – 2 000 EUR and higher.

Premium business cards

Masterсard® Business Gold
Norvik Business card Premium – for persons, who already attained success. For persons, who see art in every detail.

Mastercard® Business Platinum

Norvik Banka is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund ngf, which means that your deposits placed with Norvik Banka are secured by the state. For more information on the deposit guarantee click here.