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Please note that on 21.05.2017 from 01:00 to 04:00 (Latvian time) Norvik Banka will carry out maintenance works to update the software of the processing centre to increase the quality and rate of customer service. During the time of maintenance works Norvik Banka will deactivate the servicing of its cards (purchases, cash withdrawals, internet purchases, intrabank transfers, settlement of accounts). Norvik Banka is constantly striving to increase the quality of service by offering the best ser
Currently, already 90% of the existing clients of the bank use new online bank e-Norvik and praise it for being innovative and user-friendly. Broad functionality of the online bank provides the clients an opportunity to perform all necessary daily financial transactions, starting with receiving the account balance report, execution of payments, and up to conclusion of agreements for various services. The possibility to use the previous version of the online bank will be retained for clients
Norvik Banka offers “Private Banking” clients and its clients, non-residents of the Republic of Latvia, the possibility to use safe deposit boxes of the Swedish company “ROBUR”, which are located at the customer service center in Riga, 15 Elizabetes Street. Safe deposit box is an individual safe deposit box, which the Bank rents out for storage of your valuables: money, documents, securities, jewelry, rare books and work of arts. 9 reasons to rent a safe deposit box within Norvik Banka: P
Pursuing the development of the Private Banking business line, the bank has concluded a partnership agreement with Sotheby`s International Realty affiliate in Baltic States - Baltic Sotheby`s International Realty. Leading luxury real estate network Sotheby’s International Realty® was established in 1976 by famous London`s auction house providing an excellent service and representing worlds` most sophisticated and unique properties. The highest level of expertise, professional service whic
Customer data are safe (08/05/2017)
In view of the publicly announced information that “The partly Russia-owned telecommunication company Rostelecom has intercepted data transmitted by several banks”, among which Norvik Banka is listed, Norvik Banka hereby informs that the bank’s data are encrypted and that no data has been hacked. The Bank is operating as usual.
We are living in times of rapid development of information technologies. Digital solutions allow people not to depend on distances. Norvik Banka keeps up to date, continuously improving technologies and introducing innovations in order to provide impeccable service to its clients. platform developed by Norvik Banka offers to place deposit in Norvik Banka, staying in any part of the world. All you need is to register in Norvik Banka’s electronic platform Who ca
With new mobile app from Norvik Banka in your smartphone you can quickly check the balance, use the currency calculator, it will show you the distance to the nearest bank’s customer service center , as well as the bank’s news and contact information. Norvik Banka application also allows you to log in the new online bank. Please connect to the Internet on your smartphone to have access to all services! We suggest turning on automatic application updates in order to have access to the latest ve
We are pleased to inform that as from 24 April 2017 the range of options of the Mastercard Platinum Payment Card set and the Norvik Premium set covers also a travel insurance program. The partner of the program is Compensa Vienna Insurance Group – one of the leaders in the global insurance market. The program applies to a Cardholder and their family members who travel with the Cardholder, covers all main risks, including recreational activity (winter and summer sports), and does not have re
Norvik Banka is pleased to inform that it keeps expanding the network of partners within its loyalty program. As from April 18, 2017 Gold Mastercard and Platinum Mastercard cardholders (in particular, the clients who have applied for the Norvik Prime and Norvik Premium sets) may benefit from special terms for buying Dzintars’ Future Formula cosmetic products. Future Formula is a fundamentally new approach for skincare and prevention of skin aging. All three cosmetic lines have been develop
Tariff adjustment (11/04/2017)
Please be informed that as from 12 June 2017 the changes in Norvik Banka’s service tariffs for natural persons, non-residents of the Republic of Latvia will become effective. The changes apply to the following service: Account maintenance - FREE OF CHARGE if one of the conditions is present: Maintenance of a minimum balance of 10 000 EUR in total on all accounts within a month time 5 outgoing transactions initiated by the customer, per month on all accounts (except for transactions betwee