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The value of Norvik EM High Yield Bond Fund shares has fallen by 2.81% down to $1,060.7 since the beginning of the year. The fall on the market of emerging countries’ bonds (EM) has become one of the main trends of the beginning of 2018. The dynamics of the Fund’s yield – Bloomberg Barclays ЕМ High Yield index, which has fallen down to 4.1% since the beginning of the year, is a confirmation to this. Thus, the index Barclays ЕМ High Yield has returned to the price level as it was by the moment wh
On May 9, 2018, the amendments to the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (the Law) came into force. The amendments of the Law specify the companies that the credit institutions, payment institutions and investment brokerage companies may not service and that are subject to termination of cooperation in the nearest future. The new article of the Law (Article 211) imposes a ban on cooperation only with those shell companies that simultaneously meet two criteria – th
Please be informed that amendments to tariffs for Financial Instruments transfer from Norvik Banka will become effective as of 8 May 2018 for legal persons and as of 25 June 2018 for private individuals. The new tariffs are available here. Should any questions arise, please contact the Brokerage Division by telephone +371 6701 1561 or e-mail: Yours sincerely, Brokerage Division of AS Norvik Banka
Herewith we inform you that changes in the General Provisions for Transactions (hereafter - GPT) of AS Norvik Banka will take effect as of 21 June 2018. The most significant changes: GPT have been supplemented with the General Regulations for Processing of the Clients’ Data laying down the legal relationship between the Bank and you, as our customers, with regard to legality of processing and protection of personal data. These provisions have been prepared in line with the requirements of
The world of IT technologies keeps gaining speed and shares of IT companies demonstrate positive dynamics. The companies wishing to follow the trend are forced to invest in modernisation and development of their IT platforms. In 2018 AS Norvik Banka proceeds with modernisation of its internal systems, including diversification of the possibilities offered by e-Norvik Internet bank. The Bank continues to improve its customer service with some novelties aiming to perfect the service and make th
We would like to inform you that as from 18 June 2018 amendments of tariffs for servicing the financial instruments’ account for bonds denominated in USD and EUR will become effective. The new tariffs are available here. Should any questions arise, please contact the Brokerage Division by telephone +371 6701 1561 or e-mail: Yours sincerely, Brokerage Division of AS Norvik Banka
Please note that as from 1 May 2018 working hours of Norvik Banka’s Brokerage Division will change to 9:00 to 19:00 (Riga time). Should you have any questions, please contact the Brokerage Division by phone +371 6701 1561 or e-mail Sincerely, Brokerage Division Norvik Banka
Continuing successful cooperation, Norvik Banka will be the Digital Freedom Festival official bank for the third year in a row. Together they will promote discussions on FinTech topics and help startup businesses to attract investments. During the Digital Freedom Festival conference on November 30th and December 1st the Norvik Banka Investor Lounge will hold discussions on the impact of new technologies on the banking and finance sector. Norvik Banka Chairman of the Board and CEO Oliver Bramw
Technology is transforming the way consumers interact with banks and brings new consumer experiences that we could not imagine 5-10 years ago. Acknowledging rapidly changing environment Mastercard®, one of leading global payment solutions companies, held a “Mastercard Meetup in Riga” introducing their latest products and projects with key partners from major Latvian financial institutions. Mastercard representatives gave an insight on latest trends expected to affect payment industry (e.
Norvik Banka has prepared and published its 2017 (unaudited) financial results. They are available on the bank's website at “About the Bank / Financial Results” The auditors' opinion has not been received at the current time because the auditors need additional time to assess the overall situation in the financial sector of the Republic of Latvia and understand the impact of the anticipated AML regulation on the banking sector. As many of our clients and partners already know, the financial