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Please be informed that as from 5 March, 2018 changes in Norvik Banka’s service tariffs for legal persons, non-residents of the Republic of Latvia will become effective; the changes apply to the services “Payments in USD”, “Payment cards”, “Current account”. For more information on the changes in tariffs, click here. You may learn more information on the changes by calling Norvik Banka support service by phone (+371) 67041100 or contacting your manager. Please note that in accordance with
Please be informed that as from 12 April 2018 new tariffs will apply to the following transactions performed on financial markets through AS Norvik Banka: transactions on the FORTS market under classical brokerage services – RUB 10 per contract/option; transactions on the FORTS market under the electronic trading system Norvik QUIK – RUB 8 per contract/option; shares on the U.S. markets under classical brokerage services – USD 0.025 per share; minimum commission – USD 35 (third party fee
Norvik Banka pays particular attention to the formation of long-term trusting relationships with clients, which are the result of the qualitative individual service and well-thought structured offering of banking products. Following the chosen strategy aimed at the increase of operational efficiency, Norvik Banka optimises business processes to achieve the most favourable cooperation with clients. Please be informed that as a result of revision and optimisation of processes, as of 12 February 2
AS Norvik Banka informs that Anders Fogh Rasmussen now is the Deputy Chairman of the bank’s independent Council. Mr Rasmussen served as NATO Secretary General from 2009-14 and Prime Minister of Denmark from 2001-2009. Prior to this he was Minister of Tax and Minister of Economic Affairs in the Danish government. Anders Fogh Rasmussen commented upon his assignment as follows: I am glad to join the Council of AS Norvik Banka and renew my long-standing and strong relationships with Latvia.
In 2016, Latvia joined the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Latvian government takes a range of steps to improve the economic legislation towards the best EU practices, including tax legislation area. These measures are meant to foster the economic growth of Latvia. The joint-stock company Norvik Banka (hereinafter referred to as – the Bank) informs that as of 1 January 2018, within the framework of the tax reform implemented in Latvia, a range of new statutory reg
We are pleased to announce that Norvik Banka provides its clients with a possibility to trade Bitcoin futures. Bitcoin futures were launched by American CME Exchange of the CME Group Inc (Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trades) and CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange), which Norvik Banka has access to. Contract specifications can be found here: СME: Cboe: If yo
The leaders of the G-20 agreed upon the creation of a new derivative reporting system already in 2009. This was done to prevent another financial crisis analogous to the one struck the global economy in 2008 after the American Lehman Brothers collapsed. To recap, the 2008 crisis was fuelled exactly by the inability to calculate the approximate size and amount of the open positions in derivatives. This resulted in a ripple effect of defaults. The agreement became a reality in the European Union
On 12 December 2017, AS Norvik Banka and its controlling shareholders submitted a Request for Arbitration against the Republic of Latvia to the International Centre for the Settlement of International Investment Disputes (ICSID). Mr Guselnikov, a UK investor, acquired the Bank in 2013 and has invested in Latvia in excess of € 100 million, making him one of the most significant individual investors in the country. ICSID, constituted under the aegis of the World Bank, is the primary forum for
For the second consecutive year, Norvik Banka has become a partner of the fundraiser Eņģeļi pār Latviju. This year the goal of the fundraiser is to collect money for children suffering with autism. As from this December 1, everyone interested may make a charitable donation also in Norvik Banka’s biggest customer service centres by placing their donations into donation boxes specially intended for this fundraiser. You can find the donation boxes at the following customer service centres: