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Dear clients! According to the information of Central Bank of Turkey, starting from January 01, 2010, payments must be indicated with the beneficiary's IBAN in a Turkish bank, otherwise payment can be delayed or returned to the sender. Also we remind you that - if a payment is made to the country in which the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) standards are used, the beneficiary’s IBAN should be specified, otherwise extra charges could be deducted for non-automatic processing of the paym
Dear clients! We'd like to inform You, that starting from November 15, 2009 new rates for the NORVIK Vision system come in force. Service Fee 1. Registration for NORVIK Vision free of charge 2. Subscription fee (per month) 15 EUR 3. Issue of DigiPass 500/550 device 25 EUR 4. Automa
Dear clients! We'd like to inform You, that starting from November 15, 2009 new rates for the e-NORVIK system come in force: 1) For Private banking Service Fee 1. Registration for e-NORVIK free of charge 2. Subscription fee       - using the system (per month) free of charge       - using
Starting from October 19, NORVIK BANKA offers new deposit program "Multi-currency deposit". The main advantage of the deposit is possibility to convert the funds to other currency during the terms of deposit agreement. Multi-currency deposit may be placed in LVL, EUR or USD, the minimum amount is not required. Principal amount of deposit can be supplemented. Deposit duration is unlimited. Payment of funds from a savings account without a commission fee is made on the 8-th calendar day upon sub
According to the results of an annual research study conducted by the company „Metasite Business Solutions”, the Internet-bank e-NORVIK has climbed to the 2nd place in the list of the best Latvian Internet banks. Last year, e-NORVIK was rated the fourth best Latvian Internet bank in a similar research study. Within the research survey, Internet banks were evaluated by more than 500 criteria, grouped in five main categories: functionality, clarity, convenience, mobile banking and customer servic
Dear clients! Welcome to our new homepage! Here you will find detailed information about products and services offered by NORVIK BANKA both to private individuals and corporate clients, current rates and useful documents. In section "Finance centre" we have collected information on investment banking services. For your convenience, we offer a menu with quick links and block of remote access services which are visible on all sections of the website. For information search you may use the site m
Dear clients! We’ d like to inform You, that starting from September 1, 2009, new rates for the interest on daily settlement account balance (LVL, EUR, USD) come in force. Interest on daily settlement account balance(interest is calculated by the interval method and added to the account balance on a monthly basis) Currency Balance account Annual interest rate LVL
Dear Clients! NORVIK BANKA continues the development of the products and offers new opportunities in Internet bank e-NORVIK: Automatic replenishment of the account - on the basis of the concluded agreement, the bank, with the set periodicity maintains a required account balance on your settlement account or payment card. We offer the Maintenance of the maximum account balance. In this case the means, exceeding the established account balance, automatically are transferred to the ind
On July 8, 2009 JSC ”NORVIK BANKA”, in accordance with a schedule, repaid the syndicated loan for a total amount of 25 million EUR. All liabilities of NORVIK BANKA under the syndicated loans are discharged.
Dear Client, Starting from June 1, 2009 JSC "NORVIK BANKA" suspends a provision for the need of minimum account balance at the amount of 10 LVL (20 USD, 20 EUR) for the clients non-residents. Best regards, JSC "NORVIK BANKA"