News 2017

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Shortly before the New Year the first issue of Norvik Wealth was published. This is a digest created for Norvik Private Banking clients and dedicated to the bank’s special winter offers, bank products and new possibilities available to the clients. The issue’s task is not only to inform of the bank’s services, but also to brief the readers on the experience and expert opinions of Norvik Banka’s employees and partners. The bank’s specialists have prepared practical information and shared their
Dear Clients, Please be informed that as from 20.01.2017 Norvik Banka reduces a minimum commission fee for equity/ETF trading on US exchanges to 15 USD (instead of 25 USD), and for equity trading on Canadian exchanges – to 15 CAD (instead of 25 CAD). The rest of the commission fees remain unchanged. The new commission fees are only applicable to the trading conducted via the platform Norvik TWS. For more information please call 6 701 1561.