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The investment purpose of NORVIK EM High Yield Bond Fund is a stable long-term growth of the capital. To achieve this purpose, the resources of the Fund are being invested in the debt securities or money market instruments issued or guaranteed by governments, central banks, municipalities or commercial companies of the developing countries. The investment strategy of the Fund stipulates quality debt securities investments in a well-diversified portfolio. The Fund’s investment portfolio is diver
Norvik Banka offers its clients a special issue of plastic cards. By placing in the centre of each card one of the following symbols – the Tree of Life, the Morning Star, Laima, the Sun and the Moon we have brought in an element of the Latvian national culture in the design. The Tree of Life depicted on the card Norvik Debit symbolises the connection of generations and vital energy – it especially suits rational customers. The card Norvik Standard is for active and vibrant people, as the desig
In the end of June in Lvov, Ukraine, the payment system Mastercard®, the long-standing partner of Norvik Banka, has conducted an annual conference with a motto “Empowering you in the Digital Economy”. Along with the financial sector representatives from over 24 countries, attendee from our bank participated the event. As it follows from the motto, in the rapidly changing world it is extremely important to stay on the wavelength – and this is where Mastercard can assist – both independently and
On 22 May 2018, the Bank concluded its independent anti-money laundering program review, conducted by an international team of experts. This was a mandatory requirement of the AML Settlement Agreement of 19 July 2017 with the Financial and Capital Markets Commission ("FCMC"). Over a three month period, the experts reviewed documents, policies, procedures, made 22 interviews with members of staff, ran scenario testing, and sample testing of client files. Within the scope of the review was a)
With the purpose to improve the customer service and considering the recommendations of our clients, starting from the 5th of July Norvik Banka changes the format of SMS-Bank notifications confirming card accounts operations. If you have any questions, please call Norvik Banka client support service (+371) 67041100. Yours sincerely, Norvik Banka.
Norvik EM High Yield Bond’s value were flat last week but investors interest started returning to emerging markets USD universe as 10 year US Treasury bond yields fell from 2.95% to 2.85% in a week. Our fund’s lost mostly from marking down of Nostrum Oil& Gas 2025 bond by 2.7 points, Ukraine 32 and Argentina 28 down by 0.75 points. Continuous high coupon carry together with a recovery of Angola 25 and Ecuador 28 both up 0.75 points, Ivory Coast 33 - up 0.5 point allowed the fund value to stabili
Taking care of the safety and comfort of its Customers, Norvik Banka offers assistance in obtaining insurance services for everyone entering the territory of Latvia, Switzerland or the Schengen Area countries. Norvik Bank in cooperation with Norvik Broker offers insurance during vacations, travel and study, also for registration or extension of the residence permit! Advantages: All possible risks are taken into account! The policy meets the requirements of the Office of Citizenship an
Herewith we inform you that changes in the General Provisions for Transactions (hereafter - GPT) of AS Norvik Banka will take effect as of 29 June 2018. The most significant changes: GPT’s Provisions for Automatic Invoice Payment have been supplemented with conditions for automatic payment for the Invoice for third parties; GPT’s Provisions for Remote Services have been supplemented with an option to authorize in e-Norvik using new free-of-charge identification tool – Google Authenticat
Please note that on 26.06.2018 from 10.00 pm to 11:00 pm (Latvian time) Norvik Banka will carry out maintenance works to update the software to increase the quality and rate of customer service. During the time of maintenance works the online banking system e-Norvik will not be available. Norvik Banka apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused!
Norvik Bank offers its Clients individual safe deposit boxes manufactured by the Swedish company ROBUR. Safe deposit box is a convenient method for storage of your valuables: money, documents, securities, jewelry, rare books, works of art and other values permitted for storage at the Bank. At your disposal: protected area with maximum level of protection; full confidentiality while working with safe deposit box; two-level security system; rental period from 1 month to 1 year; sa