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Dear Customer This is to notify you that Norvik Banka changes over from an annual card usage fee to the monthly fee for using the card. From now on, the Bank will debit the Customer's account with a monthly card usage fee on the last business day of each month. The changes become effective from 1 October 2015 for new payment cards and those payment cards which will be issued after 1 October 2015 after their expiry date. For the rest of the cards the changes become effective on 1 November 201
Yesterday, 14.07, Ventspils Court declared 35 million worth Winergy deal with an Estonian company Firepower fictitious. The court in its ruling pointed out that the real intention of the persons involved was not the establishment of legal relationship but deception of other persons. The goal of the parties was to avoid performance of their obligations towards Norvik Banka. An action in this case was filed by Norvik Banka – the bank requested the court to declare void the generator delivery de
Implementing a balanced and well planned strategy of development, Norvik Banka year-on-year has managed to increase the volume of assets by 25% and reach a new record profit – as of on June 30 2015, the profit of the Bank exceeded 5.7 million EUR, which is 9 times more than the profit of Norvik Banka in the first half of 2014 (0.6 million EUR). The bank’s assets by June 30 this year amounted to 1.001 billion EUR (compared to 813.3 million EUR June 30 2014). New products of the bank, well kn
Norvik Banka received the highest award from the German bank COMMERZBANK AG for the excellent quality of payments and money transfers performed between the financial institutions in 2014 in Euro and US dollars. COMMERZBANK AG grants the award „STP Award” once a year to financial institutions whose payments from the beginning to completion are performed automatically without interference into the process of executing. Norvik Banka has received similar awards already since 2012 and this ack
With the support of Norvik Banka an environmental object has been created in Liepaja which now graces the view next to the future concert hall Lielais Dzintars. In the circle at the corner of Jūras and Radio Streets an exclusive flowerbed has been laid out with creeping juniper, silver ragwort and lobelias. The round flowerbed is decorated with Norvik Banka’s logo from both sides. “We are patriots of Liepaja and wish for living in aesthetically attractive environment, so we have responded to
Dear Customer, Please be informed that as from July 15, 2015 new commission fees of JSC ”Norvik Banka” for the services "Сurrent account" and "Client sets" for private individuals and legal entities, non-residents of the Republic of Latvia come into force. You will find a list of new commission fees here. For more information, please call Norvik Banka’s Support Service on +371 67041100 or contact your manager. Yours faithfully, Norvik Banka
NORVIK BANKA in cooperation with Norvik Ieguldījumu Pārvaldes Sabiedrība have a special offer for you: apply to any of the 2nd Tier pension schemes managed by Norvik Ieguldījumu Pārvaldes Sabiedrība – DAUGAVA, VENTA or GAUJA – with NORVIK BANKA and you will take part in the instant lottery where you could win some of 1000 prizes! Prize fund: 500x gift cards worth 5 EUR 100x gift cards worth 10 EUR 400x sphygmomanometers (digital devices used to measure blood pressure) Norvik Iegul
Dear Customer Please be informed that as from 1 July 2015 new questionnaires for non-resident customers, natural and legal persons, as well as new customer beneficiary’s cards will come into effect. For more information, please call Norvik Banka’s Support Service on +371 67041100 or contact your manager. Sincerely, Norvik Banka
Latvian residents preserve a „cold mind“, even before the holiday, and if they unexpectedly received 50 thousand Euros, they would rather deposit them instead of spending them for an impressive Ligo night for themselves and their friends, reveals the survey of residents conducted by Norvik Banka. Most part (47%) of the survey respondents admitted that if they unexpectedly received 50 thousand Euros on their account, they would not spend them for celebrating an impressive Ligo night for themse
Dear Customer, Please be informed that during public holidays in Latvia from June 22 till June 27, 2015 office hours of Norvik Banka’s customer service centres will be changed. For more information on changes in the office hours click here. Information about the Bank's working hours for clients – nonresidents of Latvia. May your Ligo be joyful! Norvik Banka