Norvik Quik

Norvik Quik

Norvik Quik is a professional Internet trading platform. Norvik Quik system interface imitates the trader’s workplace on the exchange, it is intuitively clear and customary to professionals of the market. The system incorporates the most important functions of exchange terminal, including hot keys for activation of main functions as well as a number of options for automation and use of the program together with other professional applications. Minimum investment amount 5000 USD.

Main Advantages of Norvik Quik

1. DMA to the Russian exchanges

  • The Russian stock market - The Unified Moscow Exchange Index Family is the largest stock market among CIS countries and those of Eastern and Central Europe. The Moscow Exchange was established in 2011 via the merger of CJSC SE MICEX and OJSC RTS and is currently ranked among the world’s Top-20 global platforms in terms of securities trade-turnover and total capitalization of traded shares. It ranks 9th among the Top-10 exchanges in the world in terms of derivatives-trading volume. On the stock market of the Moscow Exchange, securities are traded in three sectors: Primary Market, Standard Market and the Classica Market.
  • FORTS – the futures and options market of the Moscow Exchange and the leading trading platform for derivatives in Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe. At present, the derivatives circulating on the FORTS market have the following underlying assets: RTS Index, MICEX Index, Russian Volatility Index, sectoral indices, stocks, federal loan bonds, foreign currency, the MosPrime three-month lending rate and commodities.

2. Margin lending

  • Norvik Bank offers its clients margin lending. Transactions featuring margin lending enable clients to generate additional revenue on both rising and falling markets. Margin lending is implemented via the provision to clients of “credit leveraging,” which they can use to engage in operations involving securities purchases despite the lack of funds in their investment accounts, or those involving the sale of certain securities – despite their unavailability in clients’ custody accounts. The credit term is unlimited. The amount of “credit leveraging” depends on the size and composition of the client’s portfolio, as well as on its category.

3. Exporting to MS Excel is available via the DDE

  • The Excel export function enables real-time estimation of personal parameters by using data available from QUIK. This type of export is applicable to both one-time calculation of any value and permanent work of own algorithms. Exporting to Excel from a group of set-up tables can be started either automatically when downloading QUIK or manually by pressing a key combination "Shift+Ctrl+L".

4. Quick order input

5. Display of auction dynamics on graphs

6. Fast and safe work via Internet

7. Pending orders and placing of block orders

8. Stop orders

9. Informational support

What makes the QUIK terminal different

  • High efficiency of data acquisition and order execution.
  • Optimized data transfer protocol allowing for traffic reduction.
  • Use of exceptionally durable means of information protection.
  • Adequate support of trading operations on major exchanges including two-sided transactions and securities placement auctions.
  • Developed functional of order processing that allows for convenient input and removal of orders, pending orders, contingent orders of six different types, import of transactions prepared using other programs.
  • Availability of online data export to other programs such as MS Excel, databases, professional packages of technical analysis.
  • Built-in QPILE language used for making tables of calculated values and programming trade strategies.

QUIK Charts

The QUIK workstation enables presentation of exchange information graphically as diagrams and charts.

Capabilities available when working with charts:

  • Plotting tick-by-tick and interval charts, Using line, bar, candlestick and histogram charts,
  • Selecting a time range for plotting: all values, fixed period, last n values or intraday,
  • Availability of such information sources as "Time and Sales Table" showing complete information about all trades made or "Quotes History Table" covering a large number of parameters, e.g., "Total Bid Volume" and "Total Offer Volume",
  • Charts for different instruments united in one diagram
  • Switching instruments in a manually or automatically created chart in the Linked-Windows Mode,
  • Selecting a scale of the chart axes in the fixed or automatic mode, changing a scale using the mouse,
  • Saving the window settings as a template applicable to other windows,
  • Saving the chart image as a file, printing the chart.

Demonstration of QUIK broker system

On the link above, you can find more info about QUIK system

System installation

Norvik Quik installation file

System Requirements

For work on platform Norvik Quik it is necessary to consider the following system requirements:

  • CPU: not less than Pentium III 800
  • RAM: from 256 MB (recommended 1 GB)
  • At least 500 МBfree space on hard disk
  • Disk drive or other removable data storage
  • Operational system: Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista
  • Internet connection: throughput at least 14,4 kbps
  • Signal transmission time (ping): not more than 1 second
  • Data transmission protocol TCP/IP (data packet loss ratio: not more than 5%)

Norvik Quik work window

Press the picture to enlarge the work window.


Mobile platforms are also available ->> iQuik, iQuik-HD and QUIK Android.