Norvik Trade


NORVIK Trade is the trading platform, that allows to carry out currency exchange as well as margin trading. Using this platform you have an opportunity to independently trace the exchange rate fluctuations in on-line mode and to make a decision to conclude a deal.

The platform can be used

  • to exchange currency on your current accounts (settlement service);
  • to perform currency trading on your margin accounts.

The main characteristics of the platform

  • web-based; there is no need to install it;
  • enter the platform right from the Internet banking system e-NORVIK;
  • on-line quotes;
  • on-line deal striking;
  • easy and convenient interface (RU/LV/EN);
  • the platform is available during the Bank´s working hours.

For the margin trading

  • more than 70 currency pair traded, including RUB (the Russian rouble TOD, TOM, SPOT);
  • aggregated currency position applied and netting on each currency;
  • automatic roll-over by SWAP is always carried out with regards to the base currency USD;
  • on-line collateral and trading results (PROFIT/LOSS) calculation;
  • no function to manage the orders.

NORVIK Trade security blanket

The most advanced information protection technologies are used to form NORVIK Trade multi-level security system. To enter the platform you shall pass all safety levels in the Internet banking system e-NORVIK. All information on the transactions is stored on the Bank’s server only.

Start NORVIK Trade

  • If you are already using e-NORVIK system

You shall fill in the Application remotely in e-NORVIK section «Services».

  • If you are not e-NORVIK user yet

You shall fill in Application for "Remote access to account" service. As a result you will become e-NORVIK user as well.

NORVIK Trade demonstration

To view NORVIK Trade demo, please, use the Internet Explorer browser 7 or the posterior versions. The recommended resolution of the monitor is 1024x768.

NORVIK Trade demo