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Norvik Vision

Norvik Vision for enterprises

Norvik Vision system is an ideal solution for all clients – it can be installed both in a large company and a small firm. Norvik Vision allows you to manage all payment operations and monitor account balances. It is an offline system which does not have permanent connection with the Bank. Thus, you can work in the system as long as you need and get in touch with Bank only upon the completion of work for the dispatch of your request

Norvik Vision features

  • registration of all possible payment documents
  • requests for conversion
  • exchange of messages with bank
  • issue of account balance statements
  • information about currency exchange rates
  • import and export of data from your accounting program to NORVIK Vision
  • Receipt of copies of S.W.I.F.T.-messages

Norvik Vision safety policy

Norvik Vision uses the latest principles of information protection, creating multilevel protection. Norvik Vision prevents any unauthorized access upon document exchange with the Bank and during data storage in your computer. To authorize your payments you will need a DigiPass 550 device.

DigiPass 550 is an individual electronic device used for user authorization in the system. The DigiPass device automatically generates a one-time digital code using time parameters. The DigiPass device is also used for confirmation of electronic documents. DigiPass 550 is protected by a PIN code.

What makes Norvik Vision convenient?

NORVIK Vision is created first of all for the customer´s convenience. The system´s users will appreciate the possibilities which it provides:

  • a simple and clear interface
  • monitoring of document life cycle
  • document archives (sorting, search, filters, document folders)
  • creating document templates
  • operations with multiple customers (management of accounts of a number of companies within a single system)
  • wizard-mode for creating documents (interactive help)
  • system operation support in all local networks
  • import and export of documents

How to get connected

To connect to NORVIK Vision you will need to:

  • sign the Application for Remote access to account service
  • install NORVIK Vision on your work computer