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The main threats for online bank user

False letters, calls

The most popular is “phishing” – mailing of false letters or making false calls on behalf of bank with a request to report authorization data. In addition, phishers try to obtain credit card information (card number, CCV2, PIN code, card expiration date) or client personal details. In false letters, phishers can duplicate corporate identity of bank.

False sites

Rather often in false letters they use hyperlinks with the offer to authorize oneself in online bank or to receive additional information, these links will redirect the user on the false sites similar to the online bank site, the use of which helps the attackers to get access to user authorization data. There may be malware or spyware on the false sites.

False certificate of authenticity

Attackers to disrupt encoded data link or redirect user to the false sites use false certificates of authenticity (SSL/https). In case the user agreed to use a not entrusted certificate, the attacker can not only pick up and decipher the data sent by user but also change these data. During the work in online bank, it is necessary to be convinced that the certificate of authenticity is the authentic one.

In case of obtaining letters, calls with a request to report your online bank details, please report immediately about it to the bank security service (+371) 6704 1100.