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Contactless payments technology

Contactless payments technology allows making purchases unbelievably fast with one tap only! Moreover, from now on the cardholder should not give his card to the seller and enter PIN afterwards – in case of small purchases, this is especially convenient!

What is a contactless card?
Contactless card Mastercard® issued by Norvik Banka is a payment card with an additional functionality: it can be used both for PIN transactions and for contactless payments.

Should contactless card be used in some specific terminals only?
Contactless card may be used for paying for goods and services in ordinary terminals (when the card is being inserted into the terminal and the EMV is read), as well as in the terminals, that allow contactless payments. The card may also be used for withdrawal at ATMs and making purchases in online shops.

How should one understand, that the terminal accepts contactless payments?
Contactless payments can be made only in certain terminals. If there is a contactless symbol displayed on the terminal, it can be used for contactless payments!

What is the difference between the contactless payment and the EMV payment?
The advantage of the contactless technology is a possibility to pay small amounts almost instantly and without entering PIN code. There is a limit of 25 EUR per contactless transaction in Latvia and other Baltic States. In case the amount exceeds the limit, the terminal will request PIN code to be entered.

How to pay with the contactless function?

  1. If the terminal has the contactless symbol on it, it can be used for contactless payments.
  2. Wait for the amount to appear on the display of the terminal and check it.
  3. Hold the card close to the contactless symbol.
  4. The terminal will indicate visibly and audibly that the payment has been made. After that the terminal will switch off (it excludes the double write off of the payment amount).

In case contactless payment can not be made (including the refusal from the terminal to execute the payment), please insert the card into the terminal and pay as usual.
For security purposes from time to time the cardholder will be offered to enter PIN code.

Can contactless payments be made outside Latvia?
Yes, contactless payments can be made outside Latvia as well. If there is a contactless symbol on the terminal – it can be used for contactless payments. It is recommended to ask the seller about the contactless limit, as these may vary across the countries.

Can the contactless payment be made right after the card is received?
No, the first transaction should be with the PIN code.

How close should the contactless card be held of the terminal to have the contactless payment made?
The cardholder should touch the terminal with a card.

Is contactless technology secure?
The contactless card should not be given to the seller to make the purchase – in that case the cardholder fully controls the payment process. The payment amount can not be written off twice, as the terminal will indicate visibly and audibly that the payment has been made and will turn off afterwards. Moreover, contactless payments are limited to a certain amount (25 EUR per one purchase in Latvia) and for transactions exceeding the limit, the cardholder will be asked to make a PIN payment in the usual way. Also for the security purposes, from time to time, the cadholder will be asked to enter the PIN to verify that he is the genuine cardholder.
The recommendations to the cardholder remain the same – keep the card in the safe from others place, keep the card separately from the PIN code, in case the card is stolen or in case the PIN is known to a third party, the Bank should be contacted at +(371) 67041100.