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Recommendations for safe work in online bank

1. While working in online bank, you must be convinced that the certificate of authenticity (SSL) is valid. The valid certificate in the part of https: address in address bar must be displayed in green color.


In addition, the name in the address bar must correspond to the address typed by you —

In the certificate of authenticity in the field of "Issued to:” there has to be value, in the field of "Issued by:” there is specified value thawte Extended Validation SSL CA.

The certificate of authenticity (SSL) also provides the encoded connection between the client and online bank.

In case part of https: address is displayed in red color or there is a certificate SSL error mark in the browser, it means a possible threat to secure connection. In that case, please contact bank security service (+371) 6704 1100.

2. We recommend controlling history of bank payments and accounts balance regularly. You may use the possibility to check transactions in online bank via SMS.

3. You have to use complex passwords, containing from 8 to 16 symbols, to log in online bank. The password must contain small and big letters, figures, and special symbols. Do not use in the password easily guessed meanings, such as a full name, a machine number, nicknames of animals, the name of the cities, date of birth, registration number of the enterprise, etc. Do not write your password on a piece of paper or code card. When changing password do not use the previous one as the new one. In case you had suspicions that someone could steal your password, please contact bank security service (+371) 6704 1100, it is also necessary to change the password, it is desirable to carry out password change from other computer or device.

4. On completion of work in online bank, it is necessary to press the exit key and to close the browser. In case you had to use publicly available computer then it is necessary to clear cache and browser history, to remove files containing statement of the account or other files loaded from the online bank.