Safe-deposit boxes for your comfort

An individual safe-deposit box is a reliable and effective solution for document and material asset storage. We offer all interested persons to rent an individual safe-deposit box – for this purpose it is necessary to be a client of NORVIK BANKA.


Safe-deposit boxes from the Swedish supplier "ROSENGRENS" are at your service. Safe-deposit boxes are protected with a 2-level protection system. You may choose one of five available safe-deposit box sizes and the preferred rental period. After signing the rental agreement, you receive an electronic card and 2 keys for your safe-deposit box. For confidentiality reasons, NORVIK BANKA does not keep the key duplicates. To be given access to the safe-deposit cell, you should have your identification document, electronic card and key and you should also remember the number of your safe-deposit box.


You can rent a safe-deposit box at our customer service centre at Riga, Gertrudes Street 33/35 on weekdays. To sign a rental agreement you need one of the following identification documents - passport, LR identity card or LR residence permit.

Safe-deposit boxes availability

Weekdays: 09:00 - 19:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 15:00
Sunday: holiday

For your convenience, we are offering an opportunity to apply for a service of joint use of an individual safe deposit box when the safe deposit box is rented out to several customers together. When the servise is finalised, an access to the safe deposit box is possible only if all the customers specified in the safe deposit box rent agreement are present.

For your attention! Starting from January 1, retention money for the safe deposit box keys will not be collected from the customers who have concluded a safe deposit box rent agreement!

Do not take risks with your values, store them in a secure place!