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  Savings account
An account for accruing funds without stated maturity
Savings account is an account for accruing funds without stated maturity. This type of account gives you the opportunity to increase the amount deposited any time and receive interest income thereon. Moreover, you may withdraw the full amount deposited on your savings account or part thereof after, notifying the Bank about it 7 days in advance. However, you will receive this withdrawal amount on the 8th day.
The interest rate for this type of deposit is not fixed and it can be changed by the Bank.
Main conditions for the account:
  • Minimum amount – not required
  • Currencies – EUR, USD
  • Deposit term – without stated maturity, with the option of money withdrawal upon request (giving 7 days advance notification)
  • Variable interest rate
  • Interest income is paid into the savings account every day and added to the principal amount
  • Currency conversion between the client’s savings accounts if the client wishes to change the currency of the savings account
  • The principal amount may be supplemented in cash or via money transfer
  • Transferring funds from the savings account with the observance of a 7-day notification period not charged with a penalty of 0,5% of the transfer amount
How to open a savings account
You can open a savings account at the customer service centre of any branch of the Bank or in the Internet banking system e-Norvik choosing the section “Services” – “Place a deposit”.
Contact information
For consultations, please call (+371) 67 041 100
Norvik Banka is a member of Deposit Guarantee Fund ngf, which means that your deposits placed in Norvik Banka are guaranteed by the state. More information on deposit guarantee system you can find here.