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Execution of Agreement

To use the services of Norvik Banka´s Brokerage Division, it is necessary to have a current account. The client is also required to printout and sign (for proper display of documents on the computer / phone / tablet, Adobe Reader must be installed):

Opening of Account

These documents, filled out and signed, may be delivered to the bank’s head office in Riga, the Moscow representation office of the bank or may be sent by post. You may also get in touch with employees of the Brokerage Division who will always help you prepare and fill out the documents. The following day after the documents have been received in the bank, the corresponding control accounts will be opened for the client:
  • Investment Account and Securities Account when using brokerage service
  • Accounts in the corresponding electronic trading systems when using Internet Trading service
The Brokerage Department of the bank will inform you about the opening of the relevant accounts. You will also be given one copy of agreements signed on the part of NORVIK BANKA.

Examples of agreement filling:

For private persons
For legal entities (status -proffesional client)
For legal entities (status - eligible counterparty )