Credit card with low interest rates and favorable conditions
VIVA is a credit card which will treble your opportunities! Any Latvian resident aged from 21 to 65 with fixed income can obtain a VIVA card. You don’t have to be a customer of NORVIK BANKA to get the card. A VIVA card offers a friendly payments schedule – everyone who wishes to do so can choose the most appropriate loan repayment terms that suit best for them.
Benefits and possibilities of VIVA
VIVA will change your idea of loans:
  • Lending limit in the amount of up to 3 salaries
VIVA card offers a lending limit from 150 to 4500 EUR.
  • Fixed payment amount
It is very convenient to repay a VIVA card loan using fixed monthly payments.
  • Convenient way to repay a loan
You can choose a loan repayment term from 6 to 24 months, as well as the date that is most convenient for you to make a monthly payment. You can make a payment both in cash at NORVIK BANKA’s cash desks or from any of your account via the e-NORVIK system. There is also a possibility to make monthly payments automatically.
  • Money availability 24H
You can use your money round-the-clock. Goods and services in Latvia are paid with no extra fee charged by the Bank. Besides, being a NORVIK BANKA’s payment card user, you have a possibility to get discounts in 200 shops across Latvia.
  • Possibility to repay a loan beforehand
You can repay a loan prior to the scheduled maturity date with no fee charged. The interest is accrued only for the actually used loan and for the number of days the loan has been actually used.
  • Discounts
VIVA card offers its users a possibility to save money by using discounts and special offers in numerous popular shop centres and leisure and recreational facilities throughout Latvia.
VIVA Card Issuance
You can obtain a VIVA card at any branch of NORVIK BANKA. For the Bank to issue you the card the following documents are required:
  • your passport
  • a filled in file_pdfapplication to get a VIVA card
  • documents showing your income for the last 6 months (income certificate from the work place, certificate from the State Revenue Service, certified statement of the account in another bank, pension certificate or other) – upon the Bank’s request
Additional Card
Looking after the loved ones’ welfare, a VIVA card user can order an additional card for them, as well. To do it, the main VIVA card’s user should come to the Bank together with the additional card’s user and have the additional card user’s passport about himself.
How to Repay a VIVA Credit
You can use a loan in full amount or in parts. In any case, you should credit the card with a sum equal with a monthly payment, the amount of which is specified in the agreement. The payment Your VIVA card account should be credited with a payment prior to the date you’ve chosen. You may also repay the loan used beforehand. In this case you pay interest only for the number of days you have actually used the loan.
VIVA Service Number
You can get information on the state of your VIVA card account by calling to a free 24H VIVA support service (+371) 80008484.
Your Actions if Your Card is lost or stolen
You must immediately contact the Bank by calling 24/7 service (+371) 67041100 and inform of the incident. We will block your card and no one will be able to use it.
Take out your credit advisedly, having reasonably assessed your ability to pay it back!
Norvik Banka is a member of Deposit Guarantee Fund ngf, which means that your deposits placed in Norvik Banka are guaranteed by the state. More information on deposit guarantee system you can find here.