QUIK Android

QUIK Android is a client application of the QUIK broker system developed specially for Android devices. The application is connected to the QUIK server by a certain broker and allows getting the market data in real-time mode and trading.

Using QUIK Android you can:

  • Get the market data in real-time mode about securities traded at the platforms available through the broker’s QUIK server.
  • View queues of orders for buying/selling securities.
  • Build charts showing the price dynamics.
  • Control the current portfolio status.
  • Send orders to buy/sell instruments, including contingent orders (stop orders).
  • Monitor execution of own orders, view the list of own trades.
  • Receive the news available through the broker.

Distinct features of the software

The main menu opens after establishing a connection to the server by tapping the button at the top left of the display. The table with the key information is created for each main menu item.


The detailed information is available on tapping a row in these tables. For example, detailed information about an instrument and the last price chart are opened by tapping a row in the Market table.


Tapping the button button activates context menu with additional functionality. In such a way the Quotes table (queue of orders) and New order window can be opened from the Market table.


Orders of different types (market, limited, stop orders) are entered in a unified dialog form.


Orders and stop orders are shown in one table divided into sections. Orders status is shown by font colors: blue (executed), red (active) and white (cancelled).


Limits on securities and money and client’s portfolio status are also gathered in one table.


The application can connect to a server automatically, if the necessary connection parameters are set and the password is saved.

Application installation