From now on – monthly fee for payment card service!

23/07/2015 11:49

Dear Customer

This is to notify you that Norvik Banka changes over from an annual card usage fee to the monthly fee for using the card. From now on, the Bank will debit the Customer's account with a monthly card usage fee on the last business day of each month. The changes become effective from 1 October 2015 for new payment cards and those payment cards which will be issued after 1 October 2015 after their expiry date. For the rest of the cards the changes become effective on 1 November 2015.

Find out more on the monthly card usage fee here.

Please note that according to Clause 8.6. of Part I of AS „ Norvik Banka” General Provisions for Transactions if you do not agree with Tariff changes above, you have the right to resign from further receiving the respective Banking Services prior to the effective date of the new Tariffs by submitting the respective notification to any of the Bank’s customer service centres or sending a message via online-bank e-NORVIK. If the notification or message above is not received by the specified date, we will consider that you agree with the changes in Tariffs.

Norvik Banka

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