Apply for an innovative authorisation tool SMS-pin for free!

23/02/2015 18:12

Thinking about your convenience of using the online bank e-Norvik, we offer you to apply for an innovative authorisation tool SMS-pin for free. This type of identification has already been met with wide recognition, as it is convenient and simple: all you need for authorisation is a mobile phone – the bank will send to it an SMS containing a PIN code intended to be entered in the system or to sign a document.

Norvik Banka is the only commercial bank in Latvia offering such an authorisation tool!

Norvik Banka launched SMS-pin in 2014. Its key advantage is as follows: you won’t have to carry around an additional tool (identification table or a code calculator). You will be able to do both log into the online bank e-Norvik and sign documents therein using your mobile phone.

SMS-pin operational principle: the bank sends to a client an SMS containing a PIN code required for the client to be able to log into the e-Norvik system and sign documents therein. The PIN code is composed of six digits and is valid for five minutes since the moment of sending the SMS.

If you are already using some of the bank’s issued e-Norvik identification tools, you don’t have to cease using them – one client can be issued several different identification tools at the same time: identification table, DigiPass, SMS-pin.

For more information on the terms of issue and use of SMS-pin please click here.

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