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Recommendations on computer security

1. When working in online bank it is recommended to secure the computer or the mobile device with antivirus software.

In case the antivirus software is already installed, it is necessary to update it.

It is also recommended the installation of firewall programs and/or the other available hardware, such as – malware penetration prevention system, confidential information access control system confidential information access monitoring system etc. (IPS/IDS, DLP).

Firewall — a program for computer protection against attacks and unauthorized access from network.

IPS – software or hardware system for computer and network security, which detects invasions or security violation and automatically protects from them.

IDS – software or hardware feature intended for detection of unauthorized access to computer system or network or unauthorized management generally via Internet.

DLP - technology for data leak prevention outward data system as well as technical devices (software or hardware-software) for data leak prevention.

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2. Protection of the computer or mobile device by means of password. In case you need to leave the computer without supervision, it is necessary to use screen password protection. On computers with the Windows operating system, for screen lock they usually use the Win keys (the key with Windows logo, between Alt and Ctrl) + L.

3. It is necessary to update regularly the software — an operating system, the browser, the anti-virus software - on the device with which you work in online bank.

4. To limit access for the third parties to the device with which you work in online bank. It is not recommended to use publicly available devices — such as computers in an Internet cafe, hotels, and libraries. In case you are forced to use publicly available computer, then after work in online bank is completed, you have to log out by pressing the “Exit” button and close the web browser window.

Division of computer user rights

Division of computer user rights allows the admin user to allow/forbid use of computer programs and resources. For daily work it is not recommended to use the admin user profile as this user has full access to computer resources — installation of programs (also malware), removal of programs (also anti-virus programs), shutdown of programs (antiviruses, firewall), access to data of other computer users. For daily work, we recommend using the limited access rights — installation of programs is forbidden, possibility of shutdown of an antivirus is forbidden. In case it is necessary to install any program, it is possible to switch to the admin user profile.