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Time to choose safer means of identification!
In accordance with the requirements of the EU Regulation, the amendments to the terms of use of code cards will be made as of 1 April 2017 to improve security of transactions in the online bank. Further on, stricter limits will be applied to transactions made with the use of code cards:
  • payments to customer’s accounts in Norvik Bankа – unlimited;
  • payments to another account in Norvik Bankа:
    • 1500 EUR per day.
    • 9000 EUR per month.
  • to another bank:
    • 30 EUR – one payment limit.
    • 150 EUR per day.
    • 250 EUR per month.
There will be further restrictions also for signing of orders – it will be allowed to sign with the use of code card only deposit agreements and applications for participation in 2nd pension tier.
In addition, to authenticate on websites of other service providers you may use authentication via Norvik Banka.
If new restrictions on Code cards do not comply with your actual or planned financial activities, as well as to ensure continuity of your use of the financial services, we will recommend you to apply timely for the authentication feature in the online bank SMS-PIN, offered by Norvik Banka, or to acquire the Code calculator. Application and use of SMS-PIN are free of charge.
You may apply for SMS-PIN in online bank e-Norvik (users of code cards may do it before 31.03.2017) or in any Norvik Banka’s service center.
SMS-PIN – easy and modern alternative to the code cards.
Easy and convenient:
  1. Confirmation code is sent to the clients as SMS message to the mobile phone number specified by the client;
  2. Code in message is sent while authorizing in online bank and initiating of signing of payments and other documents;
  3. Code is valid 5 minutes after being generated;
  4. Code is sent irrespective of location of operator and client. If you travel and go to business trips frequently, we recommend you to acquire code calculator in order to avoid any inconvenience because of unavailability to receive SMS-PIN as text message in case of impaired roaming.