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Please be informed that in view of the public holiday some changes in the opening hours of Norvik Banka’s customer service centres will be introduced on September 24, 2018. You may find more information about the changes in the opening hours here. Norvik Banka.
Dear Clients! You have a unique opportunity to participate in creation of the new Norvik Banka home page! Please visit our new home page:, review all the sections, mark the shortcomings and mistakes and send the most important corrections to We look forward to receiving your recommendations! Together we will create the most modern, simple and user-friendly home page for our clients! Sincerely, AS Norvik Banka
Please be informed that from now it won’t be possible to pay through the Automatic Invoice Payment Service the bills of SIA Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (hereinafter – LMT) and SIA ZetCOM addressed to another person. Such restrictions have been introduced by service providers scheduled to take effect on 1 October. LMT and ZetCOM are to inform their clients about these changes separately. Should you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the employees of the Customer Service Division
Dear Clients! Please be informed that from 1 November 2018 in order to receive services and carry out operations with AS Norvik Banka, one of the following documents shall be presented: passport or personal identity card issued by an EU member state, permanent residence permit issued in a form of an identity card, i.e. as an autonomous (separate) documents, or a registration certificate/permanent residence permit of an EU citizen. A driver's license issued in the Republic of Latvia will no long
As part of the bank’s branch network modernization activities aimed at ensuring a convenient and qualitative customer service, please note that on this September 4 Norvik Banka’s customer service centre in Riga, 87 Jūrmalas Gatve, will be opened after reconstruction. From now on, customers will be able to receive all banking services and advice in even more convenient and modern premises. The customer service centre’s working hours: on business days from 9:00 to 19:00 (lunch break from 13:0
Norvik EM High Yield Bond value lost 2.28% last week suffering from “risk-off” mentality and general weakness in emerging markets. Principal cause of sell-off was a contagion from Turkey. After his re-election Turkish president Erdogan changed his government’s economy team and reduced the independence of Turkey’s Central Bank. In addition to that, Turkish courts are refusing to drop charges against an American pastor who is accused of supporting 2016 coup attempt. As a result of that refusal US
In the summer period, markets witness neutral performance in regard to most assets. Notable movements have been observed in developing countries. In previous issues [available in Russian], we wrote about inactivity among market participants in the summer months. The themes of trade wars and political events make news headlines, but they have no great impact on the price yet. The rhetoric of protectionism gives reason for revising the structure and conditions of world trade. The proposed tariffs
Norvik EM High Yield Bond value lost 0.41% last week after several weeks of gains and very good performance in July, up +3.69%. Ukraine 32 lost 2.4 points, Ecuador 28 lost 1.3 points and Argentina 28 lost -0.9, while Nostrum Oil & Gas 25 gained 1 point. This week previous month’s market optimism was overshadowed by continued USA threats for Chinese trade tariffs, market turmoil in Turkey and new possible USA sanctions towards Russia. Although we do not own any Chinese, Turkish or Russian bonds i
Please be informed that as from July 30 a new Norvik Banka’s customer service centre is now open in Riga, 4 Lomonosova Street. Working hours of the new centre on business days – from 9:00 to 18:00 (lunch break – from 13:30 to 14:30). For more information, please visit a customer service centre or call 67041100. Yours faithfully, Norvik Banka
Please note that on 24.07.2018 from 11:00 pm to 12:00 am (Latvian time) Norvik Banka will carry out maintenance works to update the software to increase the quality and rate of customer service. During the time of maintenance works the online banking system e-Norvik will not be available. Norvik Banka apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused!