SMS banking

SMS banking

With the help of SMS-Banka, you can receive the latest information at any time via SMS or e-mail on the balance of your bank account and debit cards. You can also make payments via SMS by using a pre-generated form from the e-NORVIK Internet-banking system.

SMS-Banka service numbers

For settlement accounts (+371) 29607432
For payment cards (+371) 29807359; (+371) 22308326; (+371) 22301367; (+371) 29607432; (+371) 28809021; (+371) 28808327

SMS-Banka features

  • Reports about any transaction involving your debit card and current account will be immediately sent to your mobile phone or e-mail address.
  • You can check your account balance at any time via SMS.
  • For your convenience, we suggest that you set the required limits on transaction amounts, so as to receive information only about transactions exceeding a certain amount or, for instance, only about payments being made into your account.
  • SMS-Banka payments: With the help of the SMS-Banka system, you can instruct the Bank to make certain payments from your account using pre-generated Internet-banking forms, and also to recharge prepaid mobile phone cards.
  • You can also receive information about the following:
    • Warning about deposit expiry
    • Confirmation of payment transaction
    • Warning that payment cannot be made
    • Confirmation of conversion transaction
    • Confirmation of transmission of SWIFT message regarding your payment
    • Confirmation of automatic payment transaction
    • Warning that automatic payment has not been made
    • Warning about blocked identification security device
  • Furthermore, SMS-Banka for current accounts gives you the opportunity to receive information about the following:
    • Account balance at any time indicated by you
    • Account balance at the end of a working day, end-week or end-month
  • Additionally, SMS-Banka offers the following for debit card accounts:
    • Blocking or activating your debit card if necessary;
    • Receiving a warning if your card balance is below the limit set by you;
    • Diverting messages to another phone number.

This way you can always keep track of transactions in your current accounts and debit cards.

Example: In the shop “ZZZZ” you have paid by card No 123456******7890 the amount of EUR 10.15. You will receive the following message to your phone:

19/05 14:30 TransactOK Card:****7890 Amount:-10.15 EUR Balance:+423.45 USD Place: shop "ZZZZ"

Decoding Message
19/05 14:30 TransactOK Card: ****7890 Amount: -10.15 EUR Balance: +423.45 USD Place: shop "ZZZZ"
Time and date of transaction Transaction successful Last 8 digits of the card that made the transaction Transaction amount and currency Amount and currency available after the transaction Place of transaction

Security of SMS-Banka

We ensure the security of the SMS-Banka service in the following ways:

  • The Bank sends messages only to the mobile phone number or e-mail registered by you.
  • You can change the terms of the SMS-Banka agreement with a bank cashier or in the e-NORVIK Internet Bank (Menu Services -> SMS-Banka).
  • SMS-Banka will only accept a payment order if:
    • the SMS has been sent from a mobile phone number stipulated in your SMS-Banka agreement
    • the SMS-Banka form selected by you is being used as the payment reference
    • the SMS-Banka payment order includes the correct electronic signature code from your identification security device (table or DigiPass).

Limits on fund transfers in SMS-banka

Using ID table (until 31.03.2017) Using DigiPass 500/550 Using DigiPass Go3
900 EUR per day
4 000 EUR per month
9 000 EUR per day
30 000 EUR per month
4 000 EUR per day
15 000 EUR per month
The total amount of funds debited from the Client’s accounts through both e-NORVIK and NORVIK SMS-Banka may not exceed the limit set by the Bank for the system e-NORVIK.

Getting Connected to SMS-Banka

  • You must have a telephone supporting short message service (SMS) or an e-mail address.
  • Fill out the relevant form in e-NORVIK Internet Bank or at any NORVIK BANKA branch.

Making Payments at SMS-Banka

  • In order to set up SMS-Banka to execute payment orders, the mobile phone number stipulated in your SMS-Bank agreement must be assigned the SMS-Banka Payments function.
  • You must save the payment form that you wish to use when making payments via SMS-Banka. To do this, you may create new or use pre-generated forms, enabling the option “Form available for use in SMS-Banka”. Likewise, you can create forms for recharging prepaid mobile phone cards or for paying bills.
  • To execute a payment, send the SMS message “PAY” with the name of the form, payment amount, electronic signature data and payment details, as prescribed by the “PAY” command format.
  • After the payment is checked, you will receive a confirmation message that your SMS-BANK payment has been accepted and will be executed.
  • If the payment order cannot be executed for some reason, the Bank will send you an SMS with a description of the error.